Capt. Manas Ranjan Swain


Are you childless ?
Those who have been trying to be proud parents of a healthy wonderful baby, but failed. When the medical science could not help you after trying for years, let me help you with the in depth research that I have done for eighteen years of sincere dedication on this unfathomable science.
Do you want a wonder child?
In Vedic astrology the birth time is very important, since it decides the Ascendant (lagna). Ascendant (lagna) is very vital aspect of a horoscope & from it an overall prediction can be done and the house of profession i.e. the 10th house can be calculated. In the present world normally caesarian babies are born. An efficient astrologer can find a suitable caesarian time which indicates a strong ascendant for you. So that, before the child takes birth we can vouch faced his professional stability. Without asking, I will fix the caesarian time which indicates strong planetary position in such a way that the child gets the best of the subjects related to wealth, health, marital life, and relationship with the parents etc.
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