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Vaidika Jyotisha (Oriya)
This is a book of Vedic Astrology which contains all the requisite knowledge for a learner or beginner of Astrology. It contains time conversion, casting of a horoscope, calculations of Mahadasha and Antardasha, Navamasham, Dwadashamsha, Trishamsa etc., Transit of plants, Yogini Dasha, Horoscope matching for marriage, Ghata description, Time ascertainment, signification of horses, Lagnas and planets and many more astrological data. In Oriya Language, such a book on Astrology is not seen anywhere.
Ratna Samhita (Oriya)
This is a book of planetary Gems. It describes all the planetary Gems and their substitute semi Gems. It contains the origin, quality, value of Gems, when, how and who can wear a gem, suitable metals of concerned Gems, procedures of wearing Gems, medicinal values of Gems etc. it helps an Astrologer in prescribing Gems to be worn. This is a worthy book on Gemmology in Oriya Language.
Vrihat Samhita (Oriya)
Originally this book was written beg Varaha Mihira. But in Oriya language, it was not written. This book contains some Astrological knowledge, Vastu knowledge and knowledge of Omens. It is an useful book for every one.
Biswakarma Prakasha (Oriya)
This book is an Oriya Version of Original Viswakarma Prakasha written by Viswakarma. It is a complete book of Vastu science. Such a book is not seen in Oriya language on Vastu science. One can spend his life happily by applying Vastu rules in his house, office, business house, factory etc. For this purpose this book helps every one.
Narad Samhita (Oriya)
This book is an Oriya version of original Narada Samhita written by sage Narada. It contains too much Horary Astrological data which are necessary for every Astrologer and for common man. It is a worthy book in horary Astrology.
Ekadashi Mahatmya (Oriya)
In Oriya language some small and tiny books on Ekadashi Vrata are seen, but they have less scriptural values and importance. Originally Ekadashi Vrata was told by Lord Krishna to Dharmaraj Yudhisthira. That original story is described in a simple language through stories. It describes the usefulness of Ekadashi Vrata and the procedures of the Vrata. It is a very useful book for every one who wants salvatur, happiness and all-round prosperity.
Jatakara Istadeva O
Grahashanti Mantra Manimala
This is not only a mere Mantra Book, but it is also an encyclopedia of Mantras. Any one can know his Ista Deva or Ista Deva/Devi and he/can do away with his/her difficulties in daily life.
Karmabipaka Samhita (Oriya)
This is a book on birth & death cycle of every man. One can know his previous birth according to his step of natal star by the help of this book. It also describes the rituals to expiate ones one’s sins done by knowingly or unknowingly in previous birth as well as current birth. It leads any one to the path of salvation.
Brihat Shradha Paddhati (Oriya)
This book is about the hindu kriya-karma which most of the hindus are not following. the book reveals how our pitripurushas are capable to enhance prosperity from the gods.
Forth coming books
  • Astral Gems and cosmic dance (English)
  • Vrihat Vastu Shastra (Oriya)
  • Shubha lagna vichar (Oriya monthly magazine)
  • Dharmasindhu

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