Capt. Manas Ranjan Swain


We provide two types of remedies.

  • Astral Gems.
  • Pacification of planets through rituals and their original Bija Mantras.

Astral Gems

Astral Gems are wonderful gifts from the rishis. The classical scriptures e.g. Garuda Purana, Vayu Purana, Vrihat Samhita, Artha Sastra etc. have extensively described the hidden cosmic power and their effects on terrestrial bodies. If proper interpretation of the horoscope along with the selection of the Gems is done it works wonders and most of the times do miracles. But these energies in any precious gem are in dogmatic condition until it is evoked through proper purification and it is properly energized. The Gems are worn for the planets which are auspicious and supportive for the horoscope.

From the moment of the birth it is decided which planet(s) is auspicious and which is inauspicious for the horoscope. The nine planets radiate nine types of electromagnetic and cosmic rays. It is the proficiency and research of the astrologer to detect the auspicious planets in your horoscope. The reason is, when you wear the Gems for the auspicious planets, the corresponding Gems instantly attract the radiation of those particular planets, since it is evident that a particular planet has a same wave length that of its signified gem. As an Astral Gem is a vital ammunition or in other words is a cosmic ray inhaler we should essentially wear the gem of an auspicious planet. When we wear gem for an auspicious planet we get multiple benefits. As the human body surface is fixed at a particular age the amount the cosmic radiation is also fixed for that body. When we wear a particular gem greater amount of rays enters the body there by squeezing out other type of rays with keeping in view that the volume of rays to be entered is fixed. Therefore, the more auspicious rays enter and inauspicious rays are shielded from the body and reflected back to the atmosphere. Another funny thing happens. When we give power to the auspicious planet or activate it from its dormant state it suddenly acts for us through a dog fight (?) in the cosmic atmosphere with the other annoyed planet, e.g. the Indian parliament has a fixed 547 members. It is the citizens who decide how many members from which political party should enter the parliament. Keeping in view that the number should always be 547, the citizens can send more members from a particular party of their choice there by reducing the other political party members to enter the parliament.

Various types of Gems -


Pearl(Moti/ Mukta)

Red coral(Prabal/Moonga)


Yellow Sapphire(Pokharaj)


Blue sapphire(Nilam)

Hessonite Garnet(Gomed)

Chrysoberyl Catís eye(Vaidurya)

Pacification of planets through rituals and their original Bija Mantras

Those planets which are inauspicious and potential danger for the horoscope, I detect them through a succession of research and advice to pacify these planets through particular type of ritual with help of a proficient Brahmin. When an elderly person or a senior official is upset with us we offer a variety of activities to pacify them e.g. giving sweets, inviting them over dinners, surprise them with bouquet etc. Likewise, we have to pacify the inauspicious planets those turn and burn our destiny. This is to be done with a highly qualified Vedic Brahmin, through fire-oblation and praising mantras for the destructive planet. Moreover, I also discovered and extracted a series of mantras for the immune planets, which will be given to the person in need along with its proper procedure of chanting.

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